Fellowes 5 Sheet Confetti Cut Paper Shredder

But does it make julienne fries?

Can I use this to shred my last BOC

Not bad. $20 usually gets you strip-cut, which isn’t as secure.

Fellowes 5 Sheet Confetti Cut Paper Shedder

  • $5 shipping
    1 Fellowes P400C-2 Confetti Cut Paper Shedder

I can use this to shred my soul.

what does it “shed” exactly? Fur???

pretty nice…got a shredder alreader…um already :stuck_out_tongue:

darn it already got one… great price… maybe?

Not that amazing, but i think its still a pretty good deal, but honestly not for me

Super good price for this paper shredder, methinks.

$43 from Froogle

I want a shredder but it sounds like this thing is terrible: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00004Z78R/104-9562535-7049535?v=glance&n=172282

“Up to 100 sheets per day” ??

What, does it shut off after 100? I don’t get it.

Up to 100 sheets per day

What happens on sheet 101?

Will this shred things like IDs or old credit cards?

Great. Now Ican throw a massive confetti party. Yay

My wife burned up the last one, so I guess getting a new one cheap is a good deal.

Dammit, I waited up for the woot equivalent of automatic scissors?

Thanks for nothing, woot!

This can not cut credit cards or CDS… 10 pages Shedders do

I had one of these at my work last summer, and it would jam up and do all sorts of crazy stuff. Personally I don’t recommend this shredder to anyone I spent many long hours trying to clean it out just so that it would jam up after 5 minutes.
Bad deal, don’t do it.