Fellowes 5 Sheet Confetti Cut Paper Shredder



Wonder if they’ll take the app all confetti cut and taped up.

I’m kinda enjoying that this thing was up so short that I’m the only poster here. It’s a lonely existence


Man, this one was over almost before it began.


Only 50? Blast!


darn I guess I woke up too late, been wanting one of these for a while


a COMPLETE Listing of all woot-off items can be found here


This thing is complete crap. I bought one a couple months ago, and it’s dead already. Even fresh out of the box, it could barely shred a single sheet of paper.


nice my first woot was a short stock item


this thing works fine. i bought one a month or so ago, and its still hummin away. but i paid 5$ more, and that makes me a sad panda :’(


so its like free shipping in the wootoff :slight_smile:


already sent, will be here on the 16th :slight_smile:


got mine today, the shipping box was opened and the shredder box was somewhat crushed, but that didnt stop me from finding every spare sheet of paper in the house and making confetti :slight_smile:
(shredder was unharmed and works perfect)

thanks woot!


Got mine yesterday in a perfect box. Juiced it up and starting shredding…my kids love, it will keep them entertained for hours or until they lose a finger…

GREAT woot.