Fellowes Cordless Optical Notebook Mouse


Welcome to the Woot-off item #6 topic for Friday October 22nd, 2004. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Fellowes Cordless Optical Notebook Mouse here.


Damn you WOOT! I just cant convince myself to get to bed!

[color=red:99d51d81ef]more ram in the box please[/color]


nothing good left. go to bed


damn you wooters that sold out the 5.1 system! i wanted one!




This’ll be a long one. At LEAST 150 of these puppies, maybe even as many as 500


Man what the f_ck is up with that picture? I don’t know about that one woot… u should change it…


man i wanted the speaker set friggin a


Cheap and useful, thats how I like em!

Thanks Woot!


:smiley: I don’t know. It’s dropping pretty fast :smiley:


Wow… that picture is extremely tasteless, in my opnion…


Ordered one. I am set and ready for those Dell speakers! Where are they woot?


Whats wrong with the picture? It looks fine to me

edit: nm, i thought you all were referring to the mouse picture.


Wow, random brave woman again. Someone really needs sleep.


:x Picture is in very bad taste :x


I guess we’ll be calling that the “Woot-off” effect from now on! :smiley:


Man I order this. Why? I have no idea, but i needed to buy something before I go to bed :).

And i totally agree that is a horribly tasteless picture. :frowning:


Yeah I agree, Ill make fun of just about anything, but that picture I think just isn’t funny. Its kind of mean actually, and Im not a cheesy american sentimentalist either. Knowing plenty of people who died up there and living half a mile away at least for me makes that picture really inappropriate.


picture is a known fake even before the fat lady joined the action so under that pretext - its not really that bad


woot needs better servers…