Fellowship Of The Dungeon

And the dungeon crew stRolls boldly on

When do they break from a walk into a tumble?

They just rolling along.

No no no…

The D4 is the wizard, the D6 is the thief, the D8 is the cleric, the D10 is the fighter, and the D12 is the barbarian…

… and the D20 knows what it did and should be ashamed of itself and is not coming out of the bag until it has had time to think about what it did and apologizes…

Not sure I want this on a shirt, but if they ever put it on a tote bag, I’ll buy it in a heartbeat. It would be perfect on a bag of gaming supplies.

Even as/on a folder cover would be awesome!

d4 looks like a tourist…time to get out the expensive camera

And E. Gary Gygax rolls…
(Just a sec while I consult the “save” roll table on my DM Screen)…

Yup he missed his save, so he rolls Over in his grave.

Dave Arneson made his save though, with a natural 20. Nice!


so much this!

King of Throws

would someone explain this shirt art to me. I have no clue about it.