Fen 2.0

Because I’m to lazy to find my old thread.

I am going to list people here who will get cards and put an X in front of the name of people who have given me their address.

Please tell me, my brain has limited RAM and after about three names it gets confused so I may forget you. Another posibilty is that I didn’t think you wanted to give me your address, so just post here.

X D’name
X Pooflady
O KillingTime
O ThunderThighes
O Ktcallista
X kdccrosby
X terri
X Lynnzoi
O KsomethingelseIforgot
O Mymindisn’tworkingnowgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


It is cold in here and I am sick. I’m wearing gloves while typing too. Also they didn’t have any pulp free orange tangerine ant Kroger which I substitute for milk when I am sick.

Poor Fen.
Feel better.

Hope you’re feeling better soon.

Oh Fen - I feel for you. I’ve been sick too. I hope you feel better too.

I’m impressed - you send Christmas cards? I haven’t managed to get any out in several years…

Fen sends neat cards.

Yes he does! I suppose I should give him my address again. I need to find my list and get started on my cards this week. . .

I was able to get the old addresses for Stlwooter,v8r,gimma,zilla,ktc

I need a conformation that you still live at the same adress if you want a card. I am going to send them out soon

Fen darlin, I sent you my addy on Facebook a couple of weeks ago…didja lose it already?


Not yet! hopefully they will go out this week.

ooooooh, got unwell again. Had a sandwich this afternoon and that didn’t go over well at all. Won’t go into details, but feeling better again. But I don’t think I’m going to eat anything for a while.

Granddaughter #2 gave me a list of books she wants yesterday. I love it. And today, Borders emailed me with a buy one, get one 60% off and free shipping. What more could you ask for?

Woohoo! off the hook for a PM. yeah, it’s the same. Say hi to v8r for me!

Gimma is.

Tell v8r hi from me if you send him a card.