Fender Dreadnought Acoustic Guitars - 2 Colors

Recently grabbed one in an Amazon deal, sending it back. Not good for beginners. Might be ok for an experienced player that wants something to take camping etc.

Why is it not good for beginners?

I’m wondering the same thing?

My only guess why one might say it was not good for beginners was because the metal strings hurt their tender fingers. Perhaps, also, the action was a bit high, increasing the finger hurt.

Well I’m a beginner and I ordered one. Wish me luck! lol

lefty? Lefty?? LEFTY??!??

Sigh…no lefty…

Its harder to make chords than on say a beginner Takamini or Alvarez.

For 150 bucks, they can figure that one out…I’d be more worried that the sound wouldn’t be as full.

A lighter, easier string can make playing easier. I’ve been using Martin Silk and Steels on my acoustics for the last year now. They even sound really nice.