Fender Guitars Art: Art-o-caster

353.00 for the small Beach print?

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K… er… W…

I’m betting that’s a typo. Checking on it.

Update: Yup. Fat fingers. It’s updated to $35.

I can’t believe that Home.Woot! wants to associate with Fender. After all, some miscreant “resident” of 1600 (W Penn av, W DC) wants to shut down Fender for (not) using forbidden wood.



(Yes,I went with The Blaze, too.)

Does Woot! want to be associated with such a despicable, (although, patriotic) company?



I seriously considered buying a couple of these - $75 for a 35 x 47-inch wall covering isn’t bad - but couldn’t get past the “Fender” logo reversed out in white in the corner…apparently, it’s not on all of them, only the “moody” artistic images…

Yea, I know…it’s a little thing…but they aren’t paying me for advertising on my wall.

FYI, Gibson is not Fender. Also, congrats on inserting your personal politics into a shopping discussion.

That’s no Telecaster with the beige-Tolex Deluxe. It’s an Esquire. Leo is crying - somebody add the proper name to the title, please?