FENDER Lee Oskar Ltd Edition Harmonicas

So I’m just wondering, how do I install the batteries in this harmonica? It’s in electronics! after all…

You’re supposed to run wires from an outlet to the plate cover. Really opens up the sound.

“Tuned to 441 Hz for brighter tone”
Contrary to what the strings section (and apparently harmonicas) think, sharp is not “brighter”. Sharp is sharp.

On the other hand, from this conversation, 441 may be Ok, at least it straddles 440 and 442.


LOL, I was wondering the same thing - how does a low-tech piece of kit like a harmonica end up on the Electronics page? :slight_smile:

I don’t see any wires. This must be the solar powered Bluetooth version.

It’s neuron powered, that’s what makes it fit in electronics!