Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar Bundles

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Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar Bundles
Price: $99.99 - 149.99
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Condition: New


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Time to learn all about Squier guitars and check out the product page for the guitar.

Reviews of the Soft Case over at Amazon

What is electronic about an acoustic guitar??

I have to say, an acoustic guitar isn’t really an electronics item. :slight_smile:

If you don’t already know, look up Fender’s current reputation and corporate management.

{backs slowly out of thread}

Im just happy to see woot having real music equipment instead of that Pyle stuff. They even had an Alesis electronic drum kit a few days ago.

Google “acoustic-electric guitar” You’ll get to see the $3-$4k ones at Guitar center. I have a far cheaper one. Actually, a Fender from the late '80s when they made some special ones. The electronics don’t have pick-ups on the strings like a regular electric, but rather, amplify the sound from the inside.

You could drill the side and pop in the electronics to convert this?

Get the Raspberry Pi conversion kit (sold separately), and stream your riffs live.


Most acoustic/electrics use a bridge pickup. the transducer is a thin metal strip under the saddle in the bridge.

I know little about what’s going on at Fender the company; as far as I know their transition from hand-produced made-in-USA instrument to offshore mass production happened decades ago.

What I do know is that I bought a Squier electric at this price point a few months ago and was stunned at the quality and playability right out of the box.

Obviously if you are looking for a studio-quality guitar for professional use, you aren’t looking at $100 guitars. But for a student, or as a dorm room/campfire guitar, I’d recommend this heartily.

I’ve played guitar for 23 years. I own Fender guitars and amps. An 80’s Squier Strat is fantastic. But not a 2015 Squier acoustic. You don’t want this acoustic, even just to learn on. Now, I am NOT suggesting you go to one of those big box music stores, but simply saying you don’t want THIS guitar. One thing Squier acoustics all have in common is awful action and intonation. You’d spend the cost of the guitar to get it fixed. Look for something on your local “free internet classifieds” in the sub-$200 range instead and steer clear of Squier acoustics.

Well I guess that settles that. Good advise.

Okay, at least this is a step up from the usual pile pf Pyle garbage woot offers, but it’s still pretty much low-end garbage.

First off, the intonation on these will be questionable at best, and you’ll be fortunate if you’re within even throwing distance of consistency halfway up the neck. Also, that laminate top will end up sounding a bit muddy when compared to a solid. Lastly, I can guarantee that you’ll need to get this thing set up before you can even begin to manage to play it, with complete nut, bridge & saddle, and fret work done to get it to a reasonable state.

Do yourselves a favor and pass on this. If you insist on limiting yourself to a $125 guitar, search craigslist and try to find something like a used Seagull (solid top and dependable intonation).

Better still, invest in yourself and spend at least twice that and get a decent guitar that will last with you as you play.

Why is there an Acoustic Guitar headlining the “electronics” section of Woot!?!
Acoustic is pretty much the opposite of electronic by definition. Just Saying

Hi…does anyone know: does this have steel strings or nylon?
And is it acoustic or adaptable as an electric?

This is the Woot version of MTV Unplugged.