Fender Starcaster Electronic Table-Top Drum Kit

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edit: apparently the defects have been fixed for this verison.

Do the sticks hitting the pads make as much noise as the band hero and rock band drum kits?

I bought one of these the last time it was on woot in december, it is an excellent product, at the time there was some discrepancy over a recall due to a faulty power supply that caused the device to turn off at a certain volume, the one that I recieved did not have this issue so I think it has been fixed on these.
The sound is excellent, the response time is excellent, and its a lot of fun to play!
Great toy and tool for practing in quiet. NOT a good replacement for a real drum set.

what about compatible software?

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Fender Starcaster Electronic Table-Top Drum Kit [New] - $89.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Fender Starcaster TT-1 Electronic Table-Top Drum Kit

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The rockband drum heads are pieces of plastic (at least rock band 1 I haven’t tried rock band 2 or band hero) and this is a padded surface and so it is much quieter but definitely still audible; you wont be playing this with a sleeping roommate.


I’m going to buy one and start my own one-girl band!

Under the “Additional Information” heading:

“Just a note to ease the minds of those who happen to come across a recall notice concerning the Fender Starcaster TT-1 Electronic Table-Top Drum Kit. The recall is for the the 2008 TT-1 model and was due to a mismatched power supply. This quality issue has been corrected in the 2009 TT-1 model, which is the model that we are selling here.”

It’s waaay at the bottom of the description, for the scroll-bar challenged. :o)

Can the two pedals be used in double bass drum mode?

I got this from a previous wooting, and it’s good price for an OK instrument. It is by no means a replacement for a real drum set though. Not all that great as far as electric kits go, either. The tracking is off, especially at high speeds. It’s very hard to get a clean roll out of it, and the rebound is really slacking. Also, the pedals have a tendency to go bonkers, and after a little bit of playing, the bass one will start to double or triple hit. However, it does come with a metronome, and the sounds in it are really good. Also, the pressure sensitivity isn’t bad at all. All in all, you could go a lot worse for the price.

They can indeed.

Q: Is it possible to use both pedals as a bass drum? Jan-18-10
A: Yes, any of the 7 pads or 2 pedals can be assigned to any instrument. So you could have all pads and all pedals play as bass drums or all pads and all pedals play as high hats, ect. Any combination you want is possible.

I took this off an ebay listing on froogle.com (it was the cheapest option, and it was $119 plus $23 shipping).

Wow, Woot had the M-Audio stuff yesterday, now Sellout has this…They’re gonna run me dry! I love cheap audio gear.

It’s got Midi i/o. So any software that can work with Midi should work.

Or were you wondering if it was Mac compatible? :wink:

I’m excited to hook this thing up to the likes of BFD and East West/Quantum Leap’s Ra!