Fender Starcaster Electronic Table-Top Drum Kit

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Does anyone have this? Is it fun to use?

In reading some reviews, there was 2 noticeable complaints. First, this unit sometimes shuts off when turned up at a high volume. They say this can be corrected by turning the bass off. If you wear headphones or plug it into an amp, this shouldn’t be an issue.

The second complaint that I saw was that some people wish this unit had a sensitivity adjustment for the pads. Other then that, everyone else agrees that this thing puts out excellent sound that performs up to Fender’s name.

I did the research because I have been thinking of getting one of these and this one looks like it!


The “Muneric Keys” clinched it for me.

Previous Woot says this will perform as a MIDI controller, which I am a huge fan of. Even if I decide that the sounds are lackluster, I can totally replace them with the QY70 soundboard. Or, you know, something a little less synthpoppy.

Tempted, going to think about it in the morning and confirm my urge.

I own one, obtained from a previous wooting. It’s quite a nifty little machine, which a bunch of nice features. Personally, I like the ability to change the sounds (of which it has a decent varity) of every pad and pedal. The metronome is really handy too, and it comes in either click-track or almost-creepy-robotic-voice flavors.

All in all though, you can never replace a real acoustic drum set. Buy this if you’re very limited on space, and need to practice quietly. Or if you’re interested in playing drums, but don’t want to invest a bunch of money into a spendy kit yet. Some other things to keep in mind is that you’d be paying close to the same if you bought a good metronome and practice pad separately, and this performs well as both.

This problem was only with earlier models, and they fixed it with this one. I own this model, and have never had a problem with it switching off on me. Even when I turned the volume all the way up.

Good to know. Thanks for the update

Hey, we knew that would get you to bite. Just for you, dude. Just for you.

How sensitive is this to differences in pressure? Like will a hard tap be louder than a normal tap?

Yes, these pads are touch sensitive meaning the harder the hit, the louder the bang.

Can you elaborate on the level of sensitivity?

That is, how well does the pad respond to touch? If I touch it lightly and then just a little bit harder, does it notice the change? Or do I have to hit it a lot harder to get to the next level of loudness?


Please have mercy on a tired old fart who, in a previous life, “was a drummer in a rock band” (likely before many of the folks here were born – we’re talking about 40 years ago).

I have no experience with anything like this, so from looking at the pictures and reading the text, I have some idea (probably wrong) of what this is – so I’m hoping that someone can correct me, help me figure out what this REALLY is, and, if it’s something I can use.

It seems to me to be a practice pad set that is amplified and/or used as a computer peripheral/input device. I think that I would be able to “write” something into it via the sticks, and then either via the computer, or via this device on its own, edit/manipulate/store what I did with the sticks. Is any of this close to the mark?

I have no idea as to the response of the “heads” – how is the bounce? Can I do a drum roll on them similar to how I could on the head of a snare drum?

What does it do about cymbals (ride, crash, hi-hat)? I don’t see any obvious-looking counterparts. Are they simply not part of this device’s universe?

I may have more questions once I can figure out the basics. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me find a clue or two here.

It looks like the bass and high hat are the foot pedals. The other seven pads can be assigned as you like. In fact, you can assign the foot pedals as you like as well.

At least that’s the way I see it.


Does anyone know if you can use this to trigger samples in a mini program for recording purposes? Like if I wanted to assign sounds to it via Pro Tools?

Bought this from Woot about a year ago. As a kid, I was a drummer, so thought it would be fun to play around with this. It absolutely stinks! Two of the pads have never responded to a hit unless you nail the center of the pad (unlike a real drum where you can at least get a sound). The samples sound very synth, but more like a little kids toy. And if you crank it up, the internal amp will overload and basically puts out some terrible sounding noise continuously (and not like feedback but distortion) until you turn it off, then back on). It really is junk. Maybe if it were $20, I’d think you were getting what you paid for. $80 is cheap for any electronic drum, but if you don’t like it at all… then it was just a huge waste of money (which this thing is). No need to argue with me. It’s just an opinion. As a matter of fact, to those of you who like to argue with people over nothing but their opinion, I’d actually recommend you buy one.

Note I am NOT commenting on this particular model. However, my experience with “rubber” heads is that they are fine for Tom-Toms and such, but don’t seem to cut it as good snare drums.

I recently purchased a Roland RMP-5 with a mesh head, and that works fantastic, but is also much more money at about $250 for a single sensor.

With the Fender, you can probably do a lot for $80, but don’t expect it to match a good mesh-head system.

Will it work with my iMac?

No, seriously, I want to know if I can hook it up to GarageBand…

Anyone, anyone?