Fenestra Winery Mixed Red (3)

Fenestra Winery Mixed Red 3-Pack
$49.99 $96.00 48% off List Price
2010 Tempranillo, Lodi
2011 Estate Grenache, Livermore Valley
2012 Graciano, Lodi

Tried this Graciano at the recent socal wine.woot meetup featuring spanish wines.
This is from California and it was probably the closest they could get to spanish. :wink:

It poured a medium red almost garnet and I did not note any sediment.

This was my first Graciano and so I had zero expectations, but found it to be odd. The nose was full of cherries and vanilla and an odd flavor Kyle described as beef but as I have nothing better to offer I’ll go with that. I did also note that 15.2% alc., is noticeable.

The wine is dry, medium bodied, and nice crisp acidity, which is odd considering the heat definitely came through. I would be interested to see the specs on this bottle. The tannins are medium soft. the primary notes on the tongue are Cherry and vanilla again, I didn’t really find that the “beef” flavor carried past the nose of the wine. the wine definitely feels more modern in style than the tempranillo I tried with it and I think I really preferred that bottle to this one. It is a pass for me.

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It poured a medium ruby red, its clear of sediment and didn’t note anything unusual about its appearance.

It has a big nose of young fruit, very typical of young California tempranillo with an emphasis on the sweet cherry.
Very enjoyable but not a complex nose.

taking a sip now the wine is dry, medium bodied and has a nice balance of fruit, acid and weight to make it a great sipper or I would think a food wine.
The predominate flavors are tart cherry and some wood. I did not note any heat on this wine and felt it was a nice well rounded bottle. Its youth is showing in the how young and pure the fruit note is, very tasty and has that lip smacking acidity you can get with a young fresh red with well balanced acidity.

I liked this bottle quite a bit and would be happy to own a bottle or two.

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We had rat bottles for both the 2010 Tempranillo, Lodi and the 2012 Graciano, Lodi at SoCal#44.
Hopefully someone will have detailed notes.
I arrived a bit late, but from what I tasted both seemed pretty solid for under $17 delivered.
Some pretty stiff competition that evening.

Second cortot20’s notes, with the exception that I liked the Graciano better than the Tempranillo.

And that I have no idea where those two got beef on the nose. Unless it was because they inhaled the spectacular tri-tip that tytiger58 brought! :wink:

Seeing as how the 11 bottles I brought (6 for the gathering, 5 to deliver) barely made a dent in my drinking problem (I don’t drink enough!), this is a pass for me.

I agree with Sparky’s assessment.

I do like Fenestra’s wines - we visited the winery in Livermore a couple times. It was nicely convenient as the first stop coming in from the Palo Alto area. Our two favourites were the Port and the Alvarelhao.

These were actually pretty good. The Tempranillo was full of juicy red fruit and soft tannins. It was definitely “easy drinking”. The Graciano was a step up in complexity, with more pronounced tannins and some savory elements to go along with its somewhat darker fruit. Pricing looks more than fair for the quality.

I quite liked both the Graciano and the Temp. Both had good fruit, both were really smooth and well-balanced. Both had oak clearly present on both the nose and palate, the G perhaps a bit more so, but I like a bit of oak in my reds.

Great, casual, drinking bottles. I’d be excited at about $15/btl. I think the offer price here is more than fair if not a screaming deal and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy these.

You’ll have to pardon this Clevelander for being a smidge late to the party with rat notes as we continue to celebrate our first Championship in over half a century. That said, it’s been a terrific last month and receiving the hallowed gold ticket certainly was the cherry on the sundae.

Received the 2011 Estate Grenache, controlled storage until we popped the cork on this bad boy. SO & I tried a smidge as we prepped dinner, bison flank steak with salt, pepper, rosemary & thyme with garlic roasted Brussels sprouts & aspargus.

PNP - almost Pinot like in appearance, able to see fingers through the wine and glass. Tart cheery and strawberries vey prevalent.

+:20 - SO had a puckered mouth and stated “it kinda gets ya’”. Still tart red fruits, thinking maybe it’s more of a food wine.

+:60 - Both agreed this is getting better with every sip - definitely needed some air. Also both tasted something else at the end - spicy/peppery. Much better with good.

+:90 - Much better now - richer feel in mouth.

We guessed $30 would be a fair price for this and were pleasantly surprised. Both feel the price offered here is very fair given what we enjoyed.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter the Hall of Rats WD - much obliged!!

Thanks for the notes, it appears all three bottles are solid. Grenache as a single varietal is often best with minimal wood IMHO, did you note much in the way of oak/wood?

None at all - very pleasant to drink a red during the heat of summer.

Livermore’s a very similar climate to Lodi, hotter and dry in the summer. We’re in the bottom of a valley, with lots of alluvial soil. (Not related to the winery, other than being a fan, but they’re within drunk-bicycling range of our house.)

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Thanks and back to the wineing.

Opened the three of these tonight because they’re on offer again. I liked the Tempranillo and Graciano, both of which had medium body and some oak in the flavor/aroma mix. Both were pleasant with supper. And it was interesting to try a varietal Graciano.

My first impression of the Grenache was that it was a fairly dark rosé, with little to recommend it. That was a few hours ago; now it seems like more of a red wine. The 14.3% alcohol seems fairly prominent. It also seems older than a 2011, and finishes with a pleasant smoothness (glycerin?). The 30% new oak is lost on me. It’s an unusual wine.

So while I’m not sorry that I got two sets of these, I won’t be ordering any more-- I really prefer heavier reds like Petite Sirah.