FenSens Wireless HD 1080p Backup Camera

FenSens Wireless HD 1080p Backup Camera

Just ordered a couple of these, hope they’re good! Anyone have any experience with them? Sparse reviews on the interwebs

Does it work with Apple CarPlay?

I have had one of these for several months. IMHO, not great. Not good. Not fair. Does not work as advertised. Too many steps to get it turned on initially, once the app is running, it runs in background all the time. Can not turn it off. Video takes about 15 - 25 seconds to start, I am already out of my garage and down the driveway by the time the video starts. And that is if it starts at all. My car is in my garage for a a couple days at a time, the solar battery goes dead. Only good thing is the customer support does respond but their answer is usually, “we are working on that problem and will be fixed in our next software release.” Another good thing is that you only wasted $99 and not the $135 - $199 that most people wasted".


Thanks for the information. I’ve got a still pristine condition 10 year old car that I’d love to have some modern features on, but I guess I should know that a $100 add on isn’t going to do it.

100 bucks and you don’t even get a screen? Lots of better options that don’t make you use your phone or that stupid button.

That pretty much matches my experience - takes too long to start, if it starts. Additionally, mine doesn’t sit flush against the car (so you can still see the license plate from an angle under the camera), so it’s worse looking than the pictures imply. I’ll be taking it off tomorrow and count it as a lesson learned (and a company to avoid in the future).

I could not find any specs on the camera. Does anyone know the angle that the camera can ‘see’? Is it wide enough to see more than just the width of your car as you back out? Also, do you have to keep the phone upright, or is the picture distorted if you rotate the phone onto its side?
I see they also make a sensor to let you know how close you are to objects. Too bad they do not have a device that also includes a camera.

Won’t someone just steal this off the back of your car??? Wouldn’t take much effort. Cool concept but people suck and it will likely be gone gone gone unless you always park in secured places with security fences, cameras, etc. Just a thought!

Id’s spend the $1000 on a good after market head unit that has all the new bells and whistles, including a hard wired back up camera.

I never even installed mine, and this is exactly been my experience as well. Just a simple trial at my desk prompted many issues. The constant running in the background was a deal breaker for me. And when you force close it, the button isn’t very reliable in getting it back up and running. Phone has to jump off wifi to connect to the camera’s wifi, which takes time. I hadn’t been impressed with the reliability to install it. …

Wow sold out already. I look on the mothership and there it was for $89. Worst, under $60 on Ebay. Once again, Woot priced above market.