Ferragamo Sunglasses

I’m guessing these are non-polarized?

Correctamundo! We’ll call it out if they are polarized.

Come on!
only 2 SKUs for men and they are sold out first thing in the morning!?

Don’t be silly…Vince Ferragamo was a QB for the Nebraska Cornhuskers in 1974 and 1975.

Seeking some ideas here .

Recently , I kept getting emails from a Ray-ban outlet site with the price of $20 for all types, plus $15 shipping no matter how many you order .
Even though the selection is large and all the pics look so genuine, all descriptions are detailed and stated these glasses are made in Italy.

Am I naive here to think these are not knock offs from China ?

Anyone have any input or experience on this would be appreciated .

I’ve seen a lot of people posting references to sites like that on Facebook. The closest I’ve seen to prices like that are in carts at the mall that sell ‘genuine imitation’ versions of sunglasses.

I ignore them. Its like when I was trying to buy my sister a high end pair of (no longer produced sneakers). Tons of sights claimed to have the real thing but you could tell upon small inspection of the site its fake.

I expect to see deals on designer items, but very rarely one that knocks a recognized in style brand down to $20.

Plus the idea of handing over my CC info, address, etc, to such a site gives me pause.

If the product is on Woot and they say its a particular brand, it is. I havent had a problem there. (Instead the problem here is sometimes they dont mention the brand at all, so it becomes gambling, not shopping)

I think you covered it pretty well, and sorry! I missed that they posted over here too for some reason. We had a good discussion over in the Tommy Hilfiger thread over here and it does turn out the site they were referencing is probably fraud-y. It actually took me by surprise since learning more about “high-end brands” that there are so many sites out there selling either knock offs or preying on people looking for deals.

Thanks guys for all the helpful inputs . I’ll be sure to stay out of these sharks .

Now, when did the last time Woot offers some deals on Ray Ban sunglasses ?