Ferrari Watches

WOW! That much money for quartz watches. Wherein really the irony of these lies: A Ferrari owner would never buy a watch like this simply due to the fact that it has no pedigree. Those that can’t afford a Ferrari might, but it is questionable why. For $300 to $600 you can get a Swiss Made Automatic from an actual watchmaker. :-/

Nothing says “nouveau riche” like the guy saying he’d buy a Ferrari if only it came in automatic! :slight_smile:

Anyway, judging by the names, these are F1 inspired, not consumer-Ferrari inspired, meaning for race fans not Ferrari owners. The Ferrari owners have their own, exclusive, $50k watch. And yes, it’s an automatic.

I guess the F1 drivers are all nouveau riche…which modern Ferrari is even still available with a manual?

I drove a 599 GTB before with the F1 6-Spd Sequential…I am not sure I’d want that car with a true manual.

All jokes aside, I get it, but man, that is quite a price to pay for F1 fanship…I like F1, but I’d almost feel the Tag Heuer F1 watches would be a better deal, though those are mostly quartz too and they ask for $1,500 MSRP on them…

I wonder who actually makes these. Clearly it’s not Ferrari.

From an actual watchmaker anybody has heard of?

Sure, Seiko or Hamilton come to mind, but plenty others. ETA/Valjoux automatics aren’t that expensive. Once you go to in-house movements it starts getting pricey…

Seiko isn’t Swiss. But you can definitely pick up a nice automatic Hamilton or Tissot for $600.

I really don’t pay that much attention. I just know that prices have gone haywire since I got my Breitling 12 years ago.

Ferrari 10IPBCGFC is $300 on Woot; $279.99 on with free shipping.

It’s showing as $340 for me:

In the future, it’d be helpful if you post links when you post comparisons. We’re always happy to make sure you guys get the greatest deals ever, but we need to see where you’re looking to do so!

True, Seiko isn’t Swiss and some of their movements are pretty cheap, but they are still automatic movements. Not sure what is worse, a cheap quartz or a cheap automatic.

Thanks for the Tissot reminder. They make excellent automatics in that price range.

Why would I spend $300 on a Ferrari watch when I could get a Porsche keychain for the same price?

When I first saw this watch, I thought WOW what cheese ball poser would actually buy this without owning a Ferrari? But, I actually do like the way these look… I guess I am an F1 fan as well! May have to pull the trigger here. hmmmm decisions.

Not made by Hublot or Tag Heuer or Panerai or Rolex? Its like buying a faux F430 kit car thats really a Pontiac Fiero!

If I could afford a Ferrari, I’d definitely buy a better watch than this.

Notice how the woot with the Porsche products disappeared off the site? I searched for it on GoogleNSA and found the page, with all items labeled “SOLD OUT”… Porsche must not have liked the comments being posted.

Notice how every sale on this site disappears after 4 days, with items appearing as sold out?

I know the Woot! main page is supposed to show the best of every category but I completely missed these for a few days because they weren’t housed under the Accessories & Watches Woot! page.

What is the point of having a page devoted to watches if you list watches elsewhere?

Pass, because the one I wanted is sold out…

RE: Seiko
FWIW, Seiko may not be Swiss, but they do work every bit as good as the great Swiss houses, if not better. Sure, they make some cheap watches (and some of them are even excellent, especially considering the price-point [eg the 'Monsters/]), but their upper-end lines -not sold officially in the States-, Grand Seiko et al, puts all the commoditized brands to shame (Tag, Omega et al) and, at the very last, stand toe-to-toe with Rolex and many others, at a much better price to boot. And forget about fashion/department store watches - they’re not even in the same league.Seiko uses only in-house movements, which can’t be said for too many of the “great” Swiss manufactures. They’re also pushing technology, through quartz/mechanical hybrids (Spring Drive, etc), producing some lines with accuracy measured to the YEAR, not the month. There’re videos around of the Grand Seiko factory that should give you an idea of the meticulous work they do.

FWIW, I only a Seiko “Black Monster” - a dive watch that you can buy new for $200’ish, and beats almost any other sport-watch retailing <$1000. I’m also on my second Rolex, a 14060M Submariner. Now, do I like the Sub more? Yeah, I do, but not by a shit-ton…and I paid >10x as much for my (used) Sub than I did for my brand new Seiko.

So yeah, Seiko don’t play.