Ferrero Rocher - Assorted 24ct or Hazelnut 48ct

Ferrero Rocher - Assorted 24ct or Hazelnut 48ct

What is the expiration date of these?
The mothership has many one star reviews last month, complaining of receiving old, stale chocolates… or much, much worse (ahem, magg…err…insect infestations).

I tried purchasing the 48 ct but it wouldn’t let me. I guess they’re sold out.

I had this happen one time. I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever eat boxed chocolate again.

48 for $7 or 24 for $6. Duh, I wonder which was a better deal?!

Hi there. I don’t have access to a “use by” date on these. We’re helping Amazon move their chocolate inventory before the warm months. Amazon does a good job of watching expiration dates and liquidating expired or nearly expired inventory. As always, if you’re unhappy with your order, contact Woot Customer Support.

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I’ve bought the 48-count box twice before from Amazon. Both times the contents were fresh and delicious. I expect the same from the order placed with Woot last night. :grin: