Ferris bueller was lip synching during the parade scene

When he gets on the float and is singing “twist and shout”, he is not actually singing. If you listen and watch he is pretending to sing. Anyone else notice this?

Wasn’t that The Beatles singing? I thought it was supposed to be Ferris lip syncing. It’s been years since I watched that movie.

Yeah, he’s lip syncing to The Beatles’ version.

Why do we cheer Ferris Bueller?


The movie is much more dramatic if you view it through the eyes of Dean Of Students Ed Rooney. He tries to do his job but gets thwarted by a smart-alec punk kid at every turn…

Stay in school, kids…

not only that, but i hear that the guy you see on the screen calling himself ferris bueller, that isn’t his real name!

Ed Rooney broke into a house. He’s not exactly a saint either.

I don’t understand

If you don’t you learn how to spell school wrong!

I don’t remember the pancreas part either.
That aside…

Metaphorically speaking, we all , er, make that most of us, want to skip school and have fun. Who doesn’t want to have a great best friend , a hot girlfriend or boyfriend, a stellar car to drive and innocent fun that breaks the rules a bit.
Rooney was a lonely sexually frustrated angry sad man who looked for someone to focus all his issues on. He had a school full of kids. His job was to look out for all of them, not to seek a vendetta against the popular kid he wanted to be, and therefore resents.

Of course, if he were a healthy guy, and Ferris didn’t want to have fun, what would be the point of the movie ?

Actually, there was a Congressional Committee formed to investigate this matter.
After 73.8 billion in tax dollars were spent to prove or disprove this, the findings were fully inconclusive.
Therefore, it has been determined that, while the supposed ‘lip-synching’ may or may not have happened at all, the fact that maybe the entire movie may, or may not, have happened.

I hope this helps.

Do you have a kiss for daddy?

Not only that, he fakes his way through “Danke Schoen,” too!