Fess Parker 2005 Viognier Trio



Whomever said “Viognier” was right!

Gotta think about this one for a bit…

Looks like a good one for the ‘boozers’ of the crowd: "Alcohol: 15.2%"

Fess Parker 2005 Viognier Trio
$44.99 + $5 shipping
condition: White
product(s): 3 Fess Parker Winery 2005 Viognier


As much as I’m trying to give whites a chance, I’ve spent to damn much on reds in the past week. I think I bought over a case just last week. I’m passing on this one.




My wife loves viognier, but she does not like oak at all. Will look forward to some tasting notes.


I stayed up for this one. Now to bed for my 7:30 breakfast/meeting. :frowning:


More central coast? I just came from a Sideways-style drive through the Central Coast. White wine overfloweth in my wine fridge. Alas, I must pass.


It’s $22/bottle elsewhere.

Here’s some info on the varietal:



Looks to retail online for around $20/bottle, so pricewise this is a pretty good deal. I’m still scared based on the Parker Station and my disappointment with Fess’ lower tier offering.

Mostly found descriptions, stumbed across one ‘amatuer’ rating on the '04… gave it an 88 or 89.

(edit on the price… I was looking at the 2004 Viognier price; $19.49 seems typical for the 2005, + s/h of course)


Ooh! That was me!! This is the first time i’ve been right about anything!!

Might have to go in on this one, just based on that…



most recent prices… 15.95/ bottle


not such a savings.


Is it just me, or does Viognier at 15.2% seem a bit high? After all, in Texas, I think anything over 15% gets special treatement (can’t be sold on Sunday, can’t be sold after 10PM other days).

The price seems reasonable, but not spectacular.

Oh, and it’s been ages since we had a good Pinot…hint, hint. :wink:


hmmmm…not sure yet. i’ve heard good things about alot of f.p. wines, but really wan’st happy with the parker station we got. i guess anyone know anything about this one?



if ($wine <= $10{bottle}) [buy]else[comment snidely] ((unless ‘champagne’));

snide comment.


Currently, in AZ, this is on sale for $15.99 at Beverages & More.

I’m less than impressed with this woot!, though I do love Viognier.


Man, am I disappointed!! I got a smaller wine fridge for Christmas, and was looking forward to getting some nice whites for it, but I bought the Fess Parker wine the last time and it was comparable to drinking yak urine. (no, i don’t really know what yak urine tastes like. Just assuming.) After that experience, I doubt that I will ever try a Parker wine again without an iron clad guarantee. Sigh, guess I will have to fill up on whites at World Market.


WTF doods? Not a single frontiersman joke? Not one?




I guess Wine David wasn’t entertaining us with his Sergent Schultz impression!


Viognier can be great when done right, I’m not willing to find out, my budget for '07 got screwed in the last half of '06 (partley thanks to woot) so I have to cherry pick. I did think the Parker Station was good at it’s price point.

Not sure what their goal was, but 15.2% alc and 0.6% residual sugar this seems more of a apertif style than drinking with food.

Here is what I could find…
Steve Tanzer gave the '05 an 85p score.

From the winery: Juicy aromatics of honeydew, apricot, honeysuckle, warm apple pie, and vanilla with hints of oak, graphite, peach and floral notes. Mouthwatering flavors of peach, pear, and honey are integrated with hazelnut, light cream, and citrus. This wine displays excellent balance and weight with a rich, round mouthfeel and lingering finish.


I had to go in for one… .Viognier is my favorite white! I’m a bit leery of that alcohol content, but I’ve been seeing Viognier’s with upwards of 14% already. I’ll provide feedback once the wine is in my hands, but I live in Indiana so. . .expect tedious, long delays!