Fess Parker Traditions Port .375 mL – 3 Pack

Fess Parker Traditions Port 375 mL – 3 Pack
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PRODUCT: 3 Fess Parker Traditions Port - 375 mL Bottles
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Any Storm for a Port … or is it any Port in a storm??? Hic

What’s the aging potential for this?

Hmmm… says this is a balance between being sweet, yet alcoholic. Anyone see what the RS is on this?

Is Alvarelhao a traditional port varietal? The others are.

From the website:
“… Aged 76% French & 24% American Oak for 4 years.”

What, no Daniel Boone jokes?

Non-vintage ports do not gain anything from further aging. Tawnys, etc are filtered. Vintage ports are not filtered and will gain from further aging. I would assume (but it would be nice to hear from the producer) that this is filtered and further aging would not help.

Is this fortified in order to get the alcohol that high, and if so with what?

“Barrel Aging: Non-vintage; 3-5 years in old port barrels”

The alcohol is high because it is fortified, like most (all?) Ports.

I ask because Messina Hof produces ports without any fortification. It produces a very smooth port.

R.I.P. Fess Parker. We’ll miss you.

Many people feel that American wineries shouldn’t use the name “Port.”

I just bought some Presidential Tawny Port tonight, so of course Woot offers this. Now I have to chew on this sale…

And I’ve had my eye on a bottle of 30-year Tawny for awhile now - decisions…

I know Tawny Port best, since it’s may favorite, but I’ve had some Ruby Port and Vintage Port too. With all but the best, you want to finish the bottle within a week (which isn’t hard with demis).

Tonight I shall be celebrating my 100th woot in style with the purchase of some fine port.

I can’t wait to try this!


Lab rat reporting in! What an honor to be selected…truly…and an extra added bonus - we love Port. This Fess Parker selection is yummy. You can read the description from the bottle and it’s true - “well-balanced, sweet, soft and rich.”

My husband and I love port and belong to a port wine club in California. This port is as good as any we’ve tried from the club. I especially like the way the sweetness lingers on the tongue. Don’t worry though, it’s not a “sweet” wine, just rich and luscious. Try this port and you won’t be disappointed.

I’ve been eagerly awaiting some Port, but man… $45 for three .375s isn’t really what I was hoping for.

Well, I believe all the Portuguese Ports are fortified.

The Messina Hof website says “It’s the first port in the world produced naturally…without any brandy.” But they have to resort to some manipulation to get the alcohol up to 19% - I wonder how they make it. Perhaps they used specialized yeasts and very high specific gravity must, and keep adding sugar, a la high-alcohol beers (such as 120 minute IPA).

Wow! $43 for slightly more than one milliliter equals …


$28,666.666 for a 750ml bottle!!! :wink:

But, hey, it is fortified. Maybe it is 100,000% alcohol! Woot!

Maybe they freeze some of it and remove the water, leaving a greater percentage of alcohol??

“…with an eye like an eagle and as tall as a mountain was he!”

I haven’t tried this Port, but you get what you pay for, just as with any other style. You can get a 750 ml bottle of Port for $10 - $15 that’s perfectly pleasant, but it’s like drinking a nice table wine - it just doesn’t offer what the big boys do.

As I just mentioned, Tawny is my favorite style of Port, and it’s rare that I can afford the expensive ones. But the few times I have had 30 and 40-year Tawnys, it’s been like an epiphany. It’s like hearing the New York Philharmonic when I’m used to a small town orchestra.

Is this Port as good as those? I don’t know, but it does go for $24 a bottle from the winery.