Fett Lucky

I’m guessing these cosplayers were inspiration for the shirt:


Shouldn’t they be the same height? Clone and all…

It’s like the Fett’s Vegas vacation. Love the special effects!

Here is a time-lapse of the illustration for all those interested. Enjoy.

This shirt? Gotta lover, boy.

I was thinking shiny, but that word’s been absconded with. So yours is better ; )

I felt a disturbance in the force.
The Shirt.Woot Force.

Not if Boba isn’t fully aged yet. Like perhaps he’s still a teenager here. I like to imagine this shirt is from a universe where Jango lives long enough to see his “son” grow up and train him.

Not to mention it fits with Guy-Man being significantly shorter than Thomas. Makes it more recognizable as a Daft Punk parody.

I think it’s more likely these guys:

This is a pretty awesome shirt.

This is, to my recollection, the first time I loved the design, loved the writeup, but never in a million years would wear this shirt.

Congrats on the print… expect you’ll sell lots of these!

Daft Punk is playing at Tatooine, Tatooine.

WOW, Impressive work! Loved the time lapsed video. Hope it translate good on print!

I like Star Wars but I’m not a huge SW fan, but I actually really really like this shirt and the write-up. Will spend the day debating on getting it, but it’s really cool. Have sent it to some of my SW fanatics friends, hopefully Woot! will get some sales from that, even if I decide not to.

Incredible shirt and write-up XD Major props both to the artist and to whoever did the writing for this morning.

Not one I would wear, but I’ll be linking a few people here for sure.

Is that Boba’s lucky cat fetus on top of his helmet?

I was raised as Jango Fett’s son
I’m up all night to get Han
Carbonite is such fun
I’m up all night to Fett Lucky

I would buy this so fast if it didn’t have the text