Feztive Primate

Watch out Phillipines! That shriner gorilla looks hungry!

HAHAHAHAHA I love this tee! I remember when I saw it for voting at Threadless.

So we have Michigan as a hand, Italy as a boot, and now Australia as a gorilla with a fez. What other geography shapes are there?

Not bad, but I’d still prefer a Cactus With a Fez.

I knew I saw this similar thing somewhere. Seems Mr. Flanders made a shark one for threadless :smiley:

Well…that’s random…

Somehow there are about 450 things happening on this shirt. It’s kind of beautiful.

Not at all. I daresay, this shirt is one of the most moving things mine eyes have ever seen.

I’d hate to sail into the Gulf of Carpentaria with those giant gorilla teeth surrounding me!

Looks like a cross between a summer camp shirt and a total lack of puns.

Pfft. What does this have to do with the charming country in Europe where Arnold Schwarzenegger is from?

Ah, yes. I’m still mourning the lack of that shirt in my wardrobe.

Do you want your mind blown?

G’day, primate!

Minnesota is a tortilla chip with a bite out of it. It might not be that obvious from looking at it on a map, but trust me, I’ve ended up with many a Minnesota-shaped chip in my hand while eating chips 'n salsa.

A Down Under version of this:

(Oops. Looks like Dreamparacite beat me to this!)

If you go look at the column of states of MN, IA, MO, AR, and LA, you’ll see they sort of look like a man standing in profile, wearing a hat.

I hope if I wear this Australians won’t take offense at it…

Shriner monkey is nothing without his tiny red car.