FF Moving Harness, Orange - 2 Pack

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FF Moving Harness, Orange - 2 Pack
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I have a set of these. Mine do not have the buckles and I am sure those would help. From my experience they do help lifting an object however they do not help on stairs and they add a considerable amount of time to your moving schedule where a good utility dolly would be faster and can navigate stairs far better. If you have the time, a patient partner and a mostly level surface they are a good choice.

I’m getting ready for my 31st… yes 31st move in my life. At age 34 that’s a ton. I have a pair of forearm harnesses which are awesome for moving heavy objects. I bet these would probably be better.

Eeeesh - I hope they were carrying that mattress to the curb for trash day.

never mind

I worked Delivery for Best Buy for several years, and we had a pair of these on the truck (without the adjustable buckles, though).

The biggest trick to using these is COMMUNICATION with the other guy. We moved washers, stoves, fridges, old TVs, into and out of basements, 3rd floor attics, tight garages…everywhere, really.

Also, for navigating stairs, we would each take one end of a strap, so they stretched out between us. Just make sure you trust the guy you strapped yourself, and a 300lb washer, to, before you descend the rickety basement stairs.

First off- I am a 45 year old female with Carpal Tunnel in both wrists. I lack the grip strength required to move heavy objects (heck I can drop a plate from the dishwasher to the cabinet in 3 seconds flat!).

My husband and I have the original (not buckle) version but the buckles would be better. Bought them for our 2 moves in 11 months last year (to apartment until house was available).

One word: Invaluable. DH and I were able to move furniture we didn’t think we would ever be able to move. With the FF’s- I was moving large sectional couches, dressers, King, Queen and Full size mattresses, washers, dryers, and the heaviest armoire ever made. I would recommend to everyone!

Also- had no problem negotiating stairs, at all. It is all in the communication with your partner. Hands go in front of you- not to the side of carried item- for support. Makes negotiating the stairs and other inclines easy.

Not ‘those’ moving men! (Nostalgic lol)

Oh…the last time this came up I didn’t realize…these are the same forearm forklift straps I had (that my friend still hasn’t returned to me) PLUS the shoulder rig. Darn useful, those forearm straps. I’d imagine these shoulder straps help free up your arms to control things better.

I’d seen these traps from those men who delivered my washer and dryer , they made it looks so easy . Love to have a pair for ,just in case , future moving .

Thing is , has anyone any experience when use these gong up and down the stairs ? All the pics here only demonstrated moving on flat surfaces.

I’ve used the forearm straps going up stairs. You shift the object to be closer to the lower person, and then tilt it towards the upper person. It can be done.

Question - Can one person use this to move something a bit heavy (as in a large box not a washing machine) or does it always take two people to use these straps? This may seem like a silly question but i was partly wondering because it’s advertised as a 2 pack - meaning two shoulder harnesses and two center straps - instead of 4 shoulder harnesses and straps - which would be a two-2 pack I guess - I have 4 people that are moving some heavy stuff so i was just wondering - they could just share . . . or obviously i can buy 2 . .

All the ones I’ve seen are as pictured. For four people, you’ll need 2 two packs.

I suppose you could use this by yourself, but if you can’t lift it anyway, these won’t make it any better. You’ll have to somehow put the strap on the opposite side of the container, otherwise it will fall away from you and make it even worse.

I’m going to say no. The X shape is really key to providing support with these things, which is really difficult to do by yourself. I have the pack without the harness and decided to give it a try, and I found that the straps kept sliding together and it was difficult to keep them crossed. It was actually easier to just carry the box I was working with! Since the harness goes over your shoulders, I would guess that it’s next to impossible for one person to keep the straps crossed.

That being said, if you have two people these are great to have. I move about once a year, and these have been a complete life-saver for me. Definitely worth the investment! Plus, they’re bright orange, so while they’re easy to store, they’re difficult to lose!

1.) Do you have a conjoined twin?
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Why couldn’t this have been on here a few weeks ago?? I’m moving next weekend and now I’m stuck deciding whether I want to chance the normal shipping, pay for faster shipping, or just go without…

We need them for next weekend, also. So I ended up ordering for a little more - free shipping w/ Prime from Amazon. It’s guaranteed delivery by Monday! Bam!