Fibit Flex Two-Packs

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Fibit Flex Two-Packs
Price: $27.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 2-3 business days. (Thursday, Dec 08 to Friday, Dec 09) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Very deceptive headline. This is not at “two-pack” in any sense of the word. It’s ONE product with an extra accessory.

Yeah, someone who is a little tired or in a hurry could easily mistake this for two fitbits. I clicked thinking this was an awesome price and that I would use one for me and give one to a friend. Not cool, woot. Please fix.

On a more positive note you only have one fitbit to break and fight tech support with…

Until I read this, I totally though I would be getting two FitBits. Thanks. Bad W00t, bad.

Are you selling FITBIT or a different brand? Because it says FIBIT in your offer. Please advise?

Fitbit. It’s misspelled in the header, but spelled correctly in the product copy and technical specs.

Even the graphic is deceptive. In order to have the lights lit on both bands you would need to have two actual devices, not one device and two bands.

I guess since I knew the FitBit is a separate device from the band, I knew exactly what they meant.

Since one of my main concerns is the band wearing out, I might actually break down and get one for this price.

Yep. I clicked thinking it was an amazing deal, too. One for me and one for hubby. Upon reading the product description that wasn’t what it was. I currently have three bands sitting on my counter. The actual Fitbit is lost. I was excited to get two for this price. I’m just going to hope it turns up when I clean over Christmas break because I definitely don’t need more bands.

If you don’t break down, the fitbit band probably will.

I can’t speak on this specific offer from woot, but make sure you read some reviews on refurb fitbits, as the ones I’ve read aren’t great.

I don’t have a FB Flex, but I do have a FB One, which came out around the came time. Had one that died on me, which they replaced (even without a receipt). Thing is tough. It’s been through the wash/dry at least 10 times. Still ticking 2 after years. #steppimp

Thanks for changing the title Woot! It is now clearer “Fitbit Flex With Two Bands”. Before it was Fitbit Flex Two-Packs" which is substantially different. Photo still a little misleading, but this is much better than before.

Got mine, battery lasts about a day :frowning:

Went to the website for the warranty included in the package, I have to pay for shipping to send it in for a new one, unfortunately. This sucks.