FIC Barebone System ICE-Brick VG61


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FIC Barebone System ICE-Brick VG61
$99.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

FIC’s Ice-Brick is even smaller than the Ice Cube you’ve seen here before, and smaller still than the Ice Cube you saw in Anaconda. But don’t underestimate it. For once in your life, look past the dinky wee-ness! This is the PC analog of Warwick Davis as the Leprechaun: petite but unstoppable.* Why, just imagine all the space this will free up on your desk! You can switch to 2-liters.

But look here, Professor Brainard: this is just the case, power supply and motherboard. You’re going to have to buy your own processor, memory, hard drive and optical drive. And you’re going to have to hook everything up. This is no woot for the technologically impaired. Maybe some of your fellow forum weirdos will help you. Maybe you can program your RoboSapien to do it. But one way or another, some intermediate-level assembly is gonna be required. No one said the life of a computer nerd would be easy. We just hope all those swirlies you withstood in middle school left you with the strength of character you’ll need to see you through this not-all-that-challenging challenge.

The Ice-Brick features a lightweight alumuminum case and, thanks to Intel’s 845GV chipset, supports up to a 3.06GHz Pentium 4 processor and 2 Gigs of DDR RAM. There’s a PCI slot, one 5.25” and one 3.5” drive bay, so you can hot-rod the system with a DVD+RW, huge hard drive, Soundblaster audio, corkscrew, My Little Pony stickers, or whatever your heart desires.

Condition: Recertified, white box
Supports Celeron and P4 up to 3.06Ghz P4 with HT
Chipset: Intel 845GV
Two DIMM slots support up to 2 Gigs of DDR
IDE 2 x ATA100 IDE channels
Expansion Slots: 1 PCI slot
Audio: AC-Link with AC’97 2.2 compliant
One 5.25” bay, One 3.5” bay
Integrated graphics
Integrated 10/100 NIC
4 USB 2.0 ports, ideal for three of those fans and a “personal massager”
Dimensions 15.0” x 11.2” x 4.5”
Included: manual, power cable, driver disc

CPU Support:
Supports Intel Socket 478 Pentium 4 processor
Supports Intel Socket 478 Celeron processor
400/533MHz Intel NetBurst micro-architecture bus

Front Panel I/O Output Board:
2 Type A USB connectors

Back Panel I/O Output:
2 Type A USB connectors, 1 RJ-45 LAN port
1 fast serial port, 1 D-type 15-pin VGA connector,1 D-type Com 1 connector
Line-in, MIC-in, Speaker-out
2 PS2 connectors

*Product is not actually “unstoppable.” Also, the scientific community is as yet divided on the existence of leprechauns.

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