FIC VG61 Ice-Cube P4 Barebone

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Nice review of this barebones kit: [url][/url]

I’d like to use one of these to build a Tivo-like PVR using I wish it came in black.


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FIC VG61 Ice-Cube P4 Barebone
Build your own system!
$99.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Don’t let the Ice-Cube’s diminutive size fool you - this system really packs a punch. The Ice-Cube features a lightweight alumuminum case with see through plastic side panels and an integrated handle at the top of the case making the Ice Cube an excellent solution for the LAN party gamer. Upgrades are a cinch thanks to the thumbscrews on the plastic side panels.

Thanks to Intel’s 845GE chipset, the Ice-Cube supports up to a 3.06GHz Pentium 4 processor and 2 Gigs of DDR RAM. A 4x AGP slot allows you to upgrade to a high end video card while the PCI slot, one 5.25" and two 3.5" drive bays let you max out the rest of the system with a DVD+RW, huge hard drive, Soundblaster audio or whatever your heart desires. All the expansion ports are easily accessable on the front and back including USB 2.0, Firewire, even SPDIF in/out.

Supports Celeron and P4 up to 3.06Ghz P4 with HT
Two DIMM slots support up to 2 Gigs of DDR
One 5.25" bay, Two 3.5" bays
4x AGP card slot
Integrated graphics, 6 channel audio, 10/100 NIC
4 USB 2.0, 3 Firewire, SPDIF in/out
Refurbished, white boxed
Included: manual, power cable, driver disc, cooling fan

The Full Specs:

Supports Intel Socket 478 Pentium 4 processor
Supports Intel Socket 478 Celeron processor
400/533MHz Intel NetBurst micro-architecture bus

Intel 82845GE + ICH4 chipsets
Winbond W83627HF LPC controller
Realtek RTL8100B Ethernet controller
Agere FW323-05 1394a controller

Main Memory:
Two 184-pin DIMM sockets, supports DDR200/266/333 SDRAM up to 2GB

Expansion Slots:
1 PCI slot, 1 AGP 4X slot

Integrated Graphics controller in 845GE GMCH
Supports 3D/2D enhancements
Supports AGP 8X bandwidth. , Max. Bandwidth 2.1GB/sec
Supports extend AGP 4X slot.

AC-Link with AC’97 2.2 compliant
Software audio with Realtek ALC650E 6-channel AC’97 codec, S/PDIF output supported

USB 2.0:
Integrated USB 2.0 controller in ICH4
Compliant with USB 2.0 specification
Supports USB 2.0 and 1.1 - Max. Bandwidth 480Mbits/s

Realtek RTL8100B 10/100Base-T Ethernet controller
Full-Duplex supported
WFM 2.0 compliant

Agere FW323-05 1394a Host controller
Compliant with IEEE 1394 OHC

I/O Interface:
Winbond W83627HF LPC controller
Two enhanced PCI IDE channels which support up to 4 IDE devices with ATA-100 transfers up to 100MB/sec
Build in FDC supports 1.2M/1.44M/2.88M FDD

Front Panel I/O Output Board:
Double desk USB connectors
PS/2 mouse and keyboard connectors
SPDIF-IN optical connector
Center/Bass, Rear-Out, MIC-in

Back Panel I/O Output:
SPDIF-OUT optical connector
2 Type A USB connectors, 1 RJ-45 LAN port
2 1394 vertical connectors
2 fast serial ports, 1 D-type 15-pin VGA connector,1 D-type Com 1 connector
Line-in, MIC-in, Speaker-out
2 PS2 connectors

System BIOS:
Award BIOS with 2MB/4MB EEPROM
ACPI/PnP supported

Form Factor:
Self-defined @ 262 mm (L) × 180 mm (W), 6 Layers

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i’d rather save up and buy the MSI mini hi-fi component cum cube computer.

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