Fidget Spinner

At this price I’d rather have 17 silver dollars to fidget with.

My son ordered one on Amazon yesterday for $3.61 and free shipping. So $17 plus $5 seems a bit high. Just sayin’.

How much does it weigh?

There are many different brand and models of these toys on Amazon, so you aren’t comparing apples to apples. However, since there are so many options with free shipping, I agree Amazon is the better place to shop.

Don’t have a weight but it’s plastic with ceramic bearings so not heavy.

What size is it?

I work in a middle school where kids are bringing these to class and distracting everyone. One kid spun his right into the apple sauce in the school lunch line. Had no idea what they were at the time. Thinking I might need to get one for myself (plan to keep it at home, of course.) :slight_smile: