Fidget Spinner

I wonder why so many fidgeters in Utah.

It would ‘‘cause’’ me anxiety knowing I paid $16.99 plus $5 shipping for this when you can find them all over Amazon for MUCH less $$$

Amazon has them for $2.50 with free shipping.
Someone has to be smoking something to try to sell these for $16.99 plus $5.00 shipping.

Wow. This is the worst deal Woot has ever had. $40 list?? Come on, how dumb do you think your customers are??? Sad.

A sale for the mother ship…bought a luminous one for a quarter of this price. :smiley:

I bought the version that is available on Amazon. Although it shows pretty much the same product images as these Woot ones; the actual spinners you get (from buying through Amazon) have a cheap plastic center ring - and are missing the Abec-7 bearings. These Woot spinners (I bought 2 last time) have Abec-7 metal bearings. They spin for a little over 3 minutes. The Amazon ones with plastic parts spin for less than a minute. I would consider the Amazon ones knockoffs.

The ones I saw offered on Amazon are also shipping from China, meaning they will take at least a full week to arrive. Ours are shipping in 1-2 days. So, that’s also a factor to consider.

There is a definite weight difference between these and the Amazon spinners. If you try to spin the Amazon ones by holding one of the outer rings - it doesn’t spin smoothly at all. Both because the overall unit is too light - and because the outer rings are poor quality. Quality bearings aren’t cheap - hence the price on these - IMO.

I ordered three of these last time. Gave one to each of my kids and kept one for myself. I never had one or tried any other before. When I handed one to my daughter, she said, “Oh, some kids at school have these.” She told me most of the kids got theirs from Amazon. I asked her how long they spin, and she said “about a minute” very matter-of-factly. I said, “try these,” and she proceeded to spin. When it stopped all she said was, “whoa.”

Has anyone purchased this for an Alzheimer’s patient?

I teach on the weekends and one of my students brought one in. The spinning distracted the other students to the point where I had to ask him to put it away.

Pipe cleaners are better and cheaper option if you have focus issues.

Wow this is literally like the first thing someone with a 3d printer makes. They cost pennies to make. I have made like 5.

What is with this “fidget” craze? I have always just picked up the nearest item to play with. Why spend money on something so silly? Must be brought to you by the same people who gave us the pet rock in the 70’s…

Right? Just bought 3 of them on and free shipping - so what if I get them in about a month? Amazon, too!

It’s all ball bearings now-a-days. Get this item, and spin it. Time yourself! You’ll be the envy of all the tech-savvy EDC guys around your office and neighborhood. Then suddenly, you’ll be the envy of every 8-15 year old who wonders why you play with the same toys they do. PS… We have so many in Utah because it’s common belief here that these spinner toys somehow both develop and cure ADD, ADHD and Autism, are a replacement for parenting, and must be allowed in every classroom. (See also: civil rights.)

We also have loads of oils to “sell” you, that do the same exact things. (As a general rule, we believe everything anyone says, at all times.)

Don’t forget Chia pets.

A lot of what makes the difference in price is the difference in the bearings and construction which leads to longer spin times and less hangups. Not saying anything about this in particular, just general information that all fidgets are not the same.

The price of this product for what you get is good, a little less then what I would consider standard for the parts you’re getting. If you want cheap go cheap. Lol they sell aluminum cast ones on mass drop that spin for almost double time but for a much higher price because of the materials used, like 200 usd. I personally don’t see myself spending a ton on something like this but the price listed here wouldn’t shy me away.