Fiebings Mink Oil Paste- 6oz. Soften

Fiebings Mink Oil Paste- 6oz. Soften

Have the people at Woot lost their minds? With so many companies, designers, and cities banning the sale of fur, it seems obvious that public opinion regarding the exploitation and slaughter of animals, such as minks, is abhorrent. Why on Earth would you sell oil from the bodies of minks? As a long time customer of Woot, I’m stunned. Believe me, we all know that Woot (and Amazon) is not a vegan-owned company, but this item is still mind boggling.

First off, humans farm Mink, specifically for their fur and oil so complaining about this is on the same level as complaining about grounds beef or the Thanksgiving turkey. Secondly, Mink oil is actually useful and does a better job preserving leather then any synthetic or tree based product I’ve used. Thirdly, Mink are terrible creatures; They are the worst parts of a skunk, rat, and raccoon combined into one creature.



/this is very old news.

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Those mink bodies you speak of really do a great job on my leather work boots.
Other oils can over-soften the leather, but mink oil applied correctly will waterproof my boots very nicely.
For those rodent-mink that gave their lives so I can have good work boots, I thank you. :rat:


One and two are perfectly true, but this one is a load of ignorant bunk.


So they’re the best parts of a skunk, rat, and raccoon combined?