Field and Stream Leather Watch and Multi-Tool Gift Set


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Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Aww man i was hoping for a GOOD woot on my birthday, i guess i didn’t get my Birthday Wish :frowning:

Wow we havent had a BOC in FOREVER…


Thanks for the woot! I prefer Leatherman, but this price is certainly good

Still no robomower though :frowning:]

Field and Stream Leather Watch and Multi-Tool Gift
Just in time to be late for Father’s Day
$17.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

An experienced outdoorsman can start a fire using a droplet of dew as a lens. He knows how to boil water in birch bark, and make a sustaining tea from pine needles. He knows to shun polar bear liver because of its toxically high concentration of vitamin A. (Besides, what kind of jackass hunts polar bears for food? The Inuit have a saying, or ought to: “Go ahead, look for something to eat inside a polar bear. It’ll be you, numbnuts.”)

Yes, the skilled outdoorsman tells time by the sun, and fashions makeshift pliers from a split branch of green wood. He has no use for such decadent luxuries as the Field and Stream Leather Watch and Multi-Tool Gift Set. If he wanted to live the easy life, he’d check in to the Ritz! No sir, such extravagant gewgaws are not his cup of pine needle tea!

But they sure are yours. Because let’s face it, you are not exactly Davy Crockett. No one in your family tree has had much in the way of wilderness survival skills since your ancestors crossed Beringia.

It’s cool, though, because a true outdoorsman wouldn’t even appreciate this watch’s stylish, stainless steel crown and caseback brown leather strap. That would require a refinement of taste that’s just plain lacking in any guy who’d mash entire game birds into paste just to avoid wasting nutrients.

Features include:
New, in attractive wood gift box
Stainless steel crown and caseback
Luminescent silvertone hands
Luminescent hour markers and numbers (2, 4, 8 and 10)
Woven white carbon dial
Unidirectional rotating bezel
Japanese quartz movement
Water resistant to 30 meters (100 ft.)
Brown leather strap
Tang buckle
9 option multi-tool has:
Nail file
Flat and Philips head screwdrivers
Bottle and can openers or just clap your hand openers


WOOTACULAR™ - The last few days :slight_smile:

Hoping the trend continues… always a good deal whether it is your style woot or not.

Well at least it’s not the dreaded ab-tilt!! :shock:

Interesting woot… gonna see a lot of complaining tonight… it is a darn good price though…oh well… there’s always tomorrow :slight_smile: … new DELL COUPONS released today


Hmmm…not for me, somebody gave me a great watch for Christmas. I’m sure somebody needs it though.


Heay! Multi-tool is probably made in some country with low quality control… I’ll pass.


How did the Japanese get so into a Davy Crockett Swiss Ginsu tool set :?:

Took 3, good gifts for those arguing relatives :shock:


Wow, its the BOC!!!



:evil: Another Woot?!!? Where is the BOC


Definitely not one for me… pfff multitools and watches. boring! where are the cool supergadgets that are actually… cool? Guess its bedtime… :roll:



[size=24:3def7d33c0]But I’m a vegetarian![/size:3def7d33c0]


got scared for a minute. my clock said 1:10 and no new woot. forgot that I set it 10 minutes fast. :oops:


sux, would be a nice gift for father’s day… now only if I knew when he was coming back from buying that pack of cigarettes.

F-BOC, I want some 5650’s


what the…???


heh…at least it’s not a weekend woot.



I search the web for Animals that Please! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


that’s actually kind of interesting


no thanks


Fun woot tonight!!! Trying to talk myself in to buying one :slight_smile:


Wish it was speakers