Field and Stream Leather Watch and Multi-Tool Gift Set


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WOOTRUPTCY ™!!! - What can happen to you if you buy everything on a woot off [;)]

ITEM # 6 - Field and Stream Leather Watch and Multi-Tool Gift Set$17.99 + $5 shipping


I dont want this!


Keep em on comin babYy@@!!!

Woots ordered so far tonight: 1 120GB HDD

We got ourselves a pretty decent woot-off tonight!


Hehe… think time to get some sleep now :slight_smile:






OHHHHHHHHH… One more thing to show me that I’m late again! -Nahh…


totally LAME


OK this is… total junk. Since it’s unlikely there is a man with an IQ above room temperature who would waste $5 bucks on this…here’s a hint to ANY woman foolish enough to think she knows a man who would ‘like this’… you’re WRONG… please don’t inflict this on anyone you actually know unless you hate them…


I dont care what color they are, I like the strobing loghts on the home page. Woot, you scared me for a minute there!!!


dont need it hopefully they only have a few


At least the woot-off is back on!


OMG, I can’t believe I missed those speakers. I have been waiting for them :frowning:


Gotta take a break from the tech stuff, eh woot? It’s okay! Let’s hope we get some buyers for these…Nice job fooling some of the other wooters into going to sleep, better for us!


meh, time to make tea


I hope somebody buys this so we can get onto the next one…it’s getting late!


i hope this changes on the next half hour



time for tubes

this should slow things down a bit


9% of them are gone already, however many that is.