Field General Children's 10 1/2" Leather Baseball Glove



product(s): 1 Field General M08 Children’s 10-1/2" Leather Baseball Glove
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$4.99 + $5 shipping


how many of us have kids?


At least it’s made of leather.

For whatever that’s worth.


Dang nabbit. I need the left-handed throwers glove. At this price maybe, Just maybe I can teach them.


is this regulation sized?


If my 8-year old didn’t already have 2 gloves…


This will be a great present for a toy drive.
For those who don’t have children purchase a few and put these in the box.


What is this for? I didn’t think that w00t would sell stuffs like this. hmm. oh well. tomorrow, maybe a good deal.


When did kids start going outside to play?
Kids would not known what a glove is for…


Times are tough for the Cubs. First they get swept by Arizona, now their gloves are for sale on Woot!


pretty random…and cheap…pretty awesome if I had a kid, or for anyone caoching a kids baseball/softball league…touche sellout.woot!


Might get the kids off the 360. Well, I’ll force the issue. Nice Woot!


too sad… after all that waiting… pass
I was hoping to get wireless headphone that I didn’t even get a chance to buy due to server downage.
oh well, g’nite y’all


Excellent idea.


I took the plunge why don’t you all join me.

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Great idea. Bought three for the toy drive. Will add baseballs.


no thanks. can’t stand kids.



Get three. If you have kids and bought a leather glove even at wal-mart before. You know this is a good deal. I expect it is a quick sellout


Excellent idea! In for three for Toys for Tots.