Fiery Autumn Colors

Mmm, you’re confusing the genders of the wonder twins, too, huh? It’s hard to keep 'em straight, I agree.

many multiple accounts of one user helped this win :frowning:

in for one!

Hmm… I don’t see “Flora” when I look at this.

woo for the person in wisconsin!

Nice design, nobody will buy it.

This sucks because the two behind this one are much better then this one!

this may be a bit more “fuego” than “flora” in theme, but that’s not going to stop me from buying it! bunny-free is the way to be…

I love the design. In for one!

I feel like there should be hidden images in the flames, but I can’t find anything :frowning:

a quarter to the first person who can

Where’s the obligatory bunny?

No, actually, I like this better than my “Music is Life” shirt for the colors, but I don’t have the money for it. =(

Epic just bought one

I was enjoying the absence. What happened?

I am sure there is a Phoenix in there somewhere…

Ha, I’m curious as to how many Californians will enjoy this shirt…

i don’t see what people see in this shirt. it’s really not even all that well done.

This Californian doesn’t, but not because we’re up in flames.

It’s nothing new.

why buy the shirt when all i need to do is look outside?

Beat you to it.