Fiery Night Pullover Hoodie

Printed to order on hoodies? This could be a good sign for the future.

PS Narf, did you see my comment on the last shirt?

I’m not a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings. I don’t like it enough to buy a shirt referring to it, anyway.


Artist bio:

“patrickspens? Has he done shirts for us before?”

Only a few, Woot. :slight_smile:

The design in person on this shirt is awesome. I’m sure the hoody will be as nice.

I knew that number 10 would be awesome.

My first purchase this Woot-Off. Had to have it.

begs for more AA t-shirts

I know, hence the smiley I included too. I’m very well aware of his variety of designs.

@JenDupre - yep; reply is in that thread.

thank you, jumping over

Well there we go. A 3 hour power nap for everybody!

New item (20% off detour) says 159 minutes left. Can it be trusted so I can go to sleep now?!

It says 159 minutes, but I just say 60 minutes. I’m confused.

In a normal “Woot off” the side trip to Shirt woot is only for an hour. I’m going to trust the 151 minutes and grab a nap. They are recycling footage. Later gators