Fiesta 11-Piece Cutlery Set - 4 Colors

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Fiesta 11-Piece Cutlery Set - 4 Colors
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Had these knives for a few months now. Still a fan, they keep their edge great, and the matching steak knives set comes up on Woot every once in a while. Definitely a nice accent for the kitchen.

Check out these comments from when these were offered in April


Solid reviews over at and

Fiesta has been in business a long time. In addition to this cutlery set, they make (or use to make) dishes, cups, snack trees, cheese serving sets and more…all in the same colors you see here. Today these old sets are collector’s items and are purchased for big bucks by collectors who just must have them. The colors of your cutlery set will be immediately recognized.

We got these last time they were on sale. It was a rainbow set. We really like them. They are nice and sharp and the block is compact and doesn’t take up much space on the counter. Happy with this purchase.

Fiesta cutlery is amazing stuff. I have their Hacienda dinnerware set. The silversmith company that does their cutlery has great customer service. I almost jumped at buying these but I really want the rainbow set. $59 dollars seems like a great price to me.

Omg blue or yellow?

I’d like to see picture of the actual blade

Got the set during the last sale in April. It’s been a very nice set of kitchen knives.

We use our knives every night; with very little edge maintenance on the and being sure to take good care( handwashing and drying immediately after use) - they’re still as bright and sharp as when they left the box.

The compact block (which Woot did a great job sorting out - especially considering the circumstances!) is awesome. Fits neatly on the counter without hogging space. It does feel a little claustrophobic inserting and removing knives from such a tight block, but over time we’ve gotten used to it.

Overall - this is a definite BUY.

From a previous sale:

Gah. where’s the rainbow one!

It’s sitting in the corner thinking about what it did during the last sale.

The blades are high quality, full tang, not stamped and they keep their edge. A great price for a quality knife set, exclusive of the fact that it is branded Fiesta.

I bought these not the last time woot had them, but the time before that. I went from using crappy $20 steak knives I got from Big Lots to cut my vegetables to these, and MY what a difference! They cut through tomatoes like buttah! This seems like a great price too!

True enough - there are some nice/rare art deco pieces, although some of those collectors are only interested in the really hot Fiestaware from the 1930s/40s. By hot, I mean radioactive - Fiesta red (actually an orange-red) got its characteristic color from uranium oxide.

Note that nothing manufactured after the 1970s used uranium oxide, regular or depleted, so these products are not hot. Even the tangerine one.

LOL! That was funny!

I went for the yellow. The comments have convinced me