Fiesta 11-Piece Cutlery Set - 6 Colors

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Fiesta 11-Piece Cutlery Set - 6 Colors
Price: $59.99
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2/17/2014 - $59.99 - 21 comment(s)

Excellent reviews at Amazon – and the price there is $129.99, so if you need knives, it sounds like these are a good deal.

They’re certainly colorful, if nothing else. :wink:

Reviews from and

I got a set of red ones the last time they were up. Beautiful knives and they cut great, especially for the price.

Not to nitpick, but I think there are 5 color options…

[MOD: Oooh, good catch. Fixed.]

Do these have serrated blades?

I just double checked my set, only the bread knife is serrated.

Thank you for helping answer questions! I really appreciate it. :happy:

I bought these last time, in the rainbow set. Absolutely love them, nice sharp blades, good feel in the hand, attractive and get lots of compliments. Would absolutely buy again. These aren’t knives for someone who would buy a $500 santoku, but for the average person who cooks a fair amount, I found these to be perfect.

Would’ve bought it in red; kind of silly they didn’t make it in red.

You sold me! Happy Mother’s Day to me!!

Fiesta does offer this set in red, not sure why Woot doesn’t.

I have the rainbow set, I LOVE them! Very nice quality! Just hand wash after use instead of using a dishwasher for cleaning. I wish I had paid this price for mine instead of about double!

For those who own these, how long have you had them and are they still sharp?

I bought the Giada deLaurentis branded knives at Target for a steal ($20 for set) but the 2 knives I use the most are already dull.

They had the red set last time they offered this because I got one. I wanted the rainbow but they had sold out of it before I could buy, which is why I ended up with red.

Answered my own question. Found a review on Amazon from a person who’s had the set for 2 years:

Gonna get them!

I’m also on the red boat. Red is my color scheme in my kitchen. Would have bought these in an instant! Here’s hoping these will pop up again in red.

Are these made in the China or 'Merca?

Homer Laughlin’s web site says the knife set is imported from China.