Fiesta 11-Piece Multi-Color Cutlery Block Set

Fiesta 11-Piece Multi-Color Cutlery Block Set
Price: $79.99
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Got one last time. Love love love it. Good knives, cute block, and the vaguely anal retentive part of me delights in all the colors liked up when they are put away. What more could I ask for!

Picked these up last time around and must say they really do the trick of cutting things decently. They also do it with style and panache, which is a definite bonus and means “oh, a knife set!” won’t sound as disappointed as it looks if you give these as a gift.

Could we get pictures of the knives while they are not hidden inside the wooden-block?

Found this on another site:

seems expensive compared to Other sets on the market.

Variation on a theme. Same basic knives are sold (without color) with a half-dozen names in a square block for $39.95.

Not bad knives, but really the same old same old from some Chinese trade show that was picked up by some company.

Note: “Wash before using” is listed as a feature.

Also, “For best results, do not leave flatware soaking in water for long periods of time; dry promptly after washing” Translation: Something will rust.

I’ve had these for a while and it is a good knife set. Have not had any problems with rusting or anything like that. The primary reason we chose these is because we have Fiestaware for everything else, and they just go well with that.

The price is decent, but you could pick it up for the same at a department store.

If there’s one thing that kids absolutely LOVE, it’s brightly colored, super-sharp knives. Great gift for birthday parties. My 5 year old is super excited.

So… how did you get the nickname ‘lefty
Well, I was at this birthday party for jspaziante’s 5 year old, ya know, and …

Got these on a previous sale. Happy with them. I’m no knife expert but I would say they are decently sharp and on par with other knives in this price range. I really like the knife block because it narrow and has a small counter footprint. My wife likes them because they are rainbow. Cheers!

They list an 8" Sharpener. It’s a steel for honing your knives, not sharpening them.

how about some fiestaware serving platters & bowls

Oh look! A rainbow threw up in my cutting block!

I have a red set I got a little over a year ago. They’re great knives, nice and sharp, and as someone else mentioned, the block has a small footprint on the counter which is nice when you have limited counterspace.

I’m surprised the rainbow set is so expensive though. I bought my set for $59.99 in Feb. 2014, and I see them come up periodically on woot (along with the matching steak knives set). Good knives, but unless you are dead set on the rainbow colors, I would recommend waiting til they come around for cheaper.

To add to the general agreement on this set; the handles have a nice, grippy silicon or similar material. I am a dishwasher heathen but they’ve held up and I’ve seen little outward change.

One thing that could be called a negative thought is that that there is no dedicated slot for the boning knife. Between the shape, and all of the large knife slots being a default size, it just kind of wobbles wherever you put it.

I might be kind of a nerd here, but this looks just like the set on The Big Bang Theory that Howard and Bernadette have in their apartment.

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