Fifty Shades Of Gary

The Dario Shell Chair appears to be a rocking chair, but the description says it comes with four black non-marking feet and does not mention anything about rockers. Woot, would you please clarify? Is this a regular chair with incorrect photo, a rocking chair with either incorrect or incomplete description, or can the chair be used either way? Thanks!

[MOD: You are correct. It’s fixed now.]

Can we get specs for all of the sizes, please?

Sizes of what? Could you be more specific, please?

For the Duvet, what is the difference between the ‘king’ for 19.99 and the ‘king’ for 59.99?

$19.99 is King Pillowcases.
$59.99 is the King Duvet Set.

And that isn’t clear in the sale at all so I’m emailing the team.