Fifty Shades of Grey Red Satin (6)

Wow. Just…wow.

Can’t wait for the “12 Years a Syrah” offer.

Next week, “Silence of the Lambs Chianti”.

Happened to try this a couple weeks ago. I liked the grapes in the blend, and my local wine shop had it on sale.

Just from recollection - I found it a very nice blend. Felt it could use some aging, or decanting. Good buy at $20, so even better at woot prices.

The name is enough of a novelty that a friend asked us to save the bottle for her. But even if somewhat a gimmicky wine, it was solid.

Ummm. So this is a thing…

I suspect the wine itself is not particularly gimmicky, but is the work of some perfectly reasonable producer who took advantage of the opportunity to move a lot of units of a wine that would otherwise get lost on the shelves of most stores. Probably rolling their eyes the whole time.

Cheaper at Groupon

So this is wine that you wouldn’t touch unless you were tied down and forced to drink it?

Interesting, exact same 6-pack options at $10 less.

“Goods sold by Mendocino Wine Co.”
IIRC, WD has been moving some wines through Groupon (as well as through Rue La La). If the Groupon wine is in fact being shipped by WCC, why the difference in price? Is Amazon’s cut that much bigger than Groupon’s? And/or maybe the Groupon wines are not getting the “Summer Shipping” treatment?

mistakenly placed and priced. pulled.

Eight people got an even better deal than they realized! :wink:

Silly me, I thought it was going to be Pinot Gris, Trousseau Gris, Vin Gris…