Fila 1/4 Zip Microfleece Pullovers For All

In plain English, can anyone translate this from the specs?

Matching to body reversed out zippered upper left sleeve pocket with lock down puller

Is it trying to say there’s some sort of pocket on the left sleeve?

There is a pocket on the left sleeve, but I was kinda lost with the weird terms, too. I asked our buyer and here’s some translations:

How close is Pea coat to Navy Blue?

Would love to review these from the sale at the end of aug. but alas, my sweatshirts are lost in the mail somewhere. Assuming they were mailed. I reported it to support but all I’ve received was an auto-email response that they are “looking into it”. That was Sept 23. I hate to be the person who complains in the comments but I’m out the cost of 2 sweatshirts, the weather is starting to turn chilly, and I can’t see any other way to get some attention.

Jeez, I’m sorry. I’ll check in with CS for you.

Can anyone comment on the sizing? Standard size, slim fit, athletic fit?

I would say regular/standard sizing. I have the large size of these, they fit how I would expect on my 5’ 10", 165 lb frame.
The sleeves may be a tiny bit long but not so that it causes any problem. They come just past the base of my palm, but that could just be my own personal non preference.

My Pea coat/Black is darker than shown in the photo. Dark blue but not as dark as Navy

These are nice to lift weights in. I happen to know from experience because I lift