Fila Athletic Socks



Come on Woot, take care of us big guys, I need XL socks, not the puny ones for the masses.


Doesn’t Fila realize that women have feet?


These won’t even fit me and I’m a 22 year old woman. ):


dude, you planning on joining the red hot chili peppers?


Gold Toe FTW!


I AGREE with the Big Guys! My son wears a size 14 shoe! Those little socks, whelp they just won’t due. Great Price though!


Gold Toe brand socks are made in Pakistan now. Look for Cabot socks, TJ Max has them on occasion. (I sell sock knitting machines so I’m in the industry).


I’ve never met anyone with a size 6-12 foot. Most people’s feet are only one size.


A big Lots near my house is offering these, in a variety of colors, at a price of 4$ for a four pack. They are incredibly comfortable and provide ample support.


Fila’s fit me just fine, socks are socks, plus it’s good quality.