Fila Fila-Men's Socks 12PK No Show socks Assorted 10-13

Kind of bummed I bought these thinking they were shoe size 10-13 vs sock size. Why those sizes are different is beyond me and I totally missed it when looking at specs. Please include such info in the title page of these things

Looked nothing like the picture :frowning:

Ugh, sorry. Please send a picture of what your received, along with your order details to CS can check into your account and available options.

e-mail sent. I only got 1/2 of my order and these don’t look anything like either version in the picture. :frowning:

mine also looked nothing like these… i mean, I’ll still wear them, but they are not the rainbow colors shown in the picture…

also add me to the list of hoping to have actual shoe size in the next listing… with size 12 4e feet these fit, but they are so tiny…

Woot refunded me for the pack they did not send but could not get the colors as shown in the original image. They said this ‘great deal’ sold out and they didn’t have any extra. Not so great of a deal when I only got 1/2 my order and the 1/2 I did get was the wrong item. My guess is everyone got the gray socks. Bah humbug. :frowning:

I got the wrong ones too

We are looking into this issue with the vendor. Please report all instances of incorrect and incomplete orders with our Support Form linked at the top of the page.