Fila Footwear for <$15!

well…a little strange but…I am not supposed to wear socks when having these toed shoes on, right?

I bought the orange one’s because I need size 10,would have loved the camo,but not in my size.I bought these to freak out my wife,seeing I am 68,so a old fart like me,just may wear them to the store,and watch the young people,and old farts like me look at me like I must be CRAZY!!!This is going to be fun.

Should be called :

Actually, you CAN wear injinji toe socks in these, and ai highly recommend them! Also, make sure you don’t wear these daily or your family will quarentine your shoes and your feet, if you don’t wear a toe sock in them. Unlike VibramFiveFingers, Fila has not perfected the true minimalist footwear concept, but they are trying. At this price, however, almost worth the gamble to try again.

You’re not that old, actually… Here in Reno and Tahoe, minimalist footwear is a preferred medium for runners, walkers, and hikers alike! Enjoy the oooo’s and aaaahhhh’s and finger pointers as you walk by…age has NOTHING to do with it…these shoes attract people, regardless of brand!

Thanks,and reading your post above,I guess I better get some socks to.To bad Woot did’t sell the socks to go along with the shoes.

What are these? Shoes for ants? How can I be expected to smush my size 13 feet into these.

Too bad I wear a women’s size 5. Has anyone bought these a size too big? In my experience, me buying size 6 Shoes results in blisters.

I am a women’s size 8 and purchased an 8 on the previous Woot. They were too small, so I would recommend buying a size larger. With socks, a size larger would have been perfect. Going to try a men’s size 7 this Woot, hoping for a larger fit. BTW, I’m 63 and wear my Vibram Fivefingers all the time and I absolutely LOVE them.