Fila For Big & Tall

That Black/Red Polo (Tall) needs an updated picture - it’s showing the hoody instead. But at least (I assume) we can look at the (Big) version to see what it should look like…

By the way, thank you for actually distinguishing between Big and Tall - it seems that most stores assume that you will be either Big, or Big & Tall. There is never an allowance for those of us who are simply tall.

Any idea how these sizes run? Is a 2XB the same as a XXL?

Just got my hoody (that I ordered only the other day… SPEEDY!). It’s amazing, I’m now sad that the other colors are sold out and I can’t really find them anywhere else.

But I am happy with the one I have

No size chart? Last time I bought FIla from Woot the sizes were jacked up. I have several pair of shorts still in the package, useless.