Fila For The Big & The Tall

Finally some big and tall items!

What are the specs of the ‘tall’ items? What’s the length of the shirts/polos/coats? An inch longer? Two inches? I DEMAND TALL DATA!

Last Fila shorts I bought from Woot are still in the package in the closet. The sizes were jacked up. Totally wrong. Same size I wear in several other brands, and they flat out did not fit. Not even close to the same dimensions, like Fila’s sizing info is for some alien race.

So without specific measurements on this stuff I would not touch it with a ten foot XXXL or XXXL-Tall pole.

Especially considering I can order similar shorts from any number of makers off Amazon directly, for less $$, and be able to return them if the sizes are jacked up.

Only size chart for Fila I found:

Do these have pockets?

Thank you for the tall sizes, Those of us over 6’ 2" don’t like to look like we are wearing mid drift women clothing.