Fila Jackets

One thing to keep in mind from my last Fila order from Woot: the sizes are much larger than normal. A small feels is more like a medium, a medium is pretty much a large, and so on. Get one size smaller than what you normally get.

You might check the comments below.

A note about the red (since there were lots of concerns about it last time), the jacket is actually the vibrant red color you see in the second picture. It is not the washed-out salmon color seen in the main picture.

Thank you Kay, this is exactly what I came here to find out. You rock. :slight_smile:

I bought the gray one and it not only looks as good as the comparable North Face jackets, it’s virtually indistinguishable from many of them. Good construction, too.

I bought the grey/black and ordered it in large. It fit’s right to size in my experience.

I got one of these last time in was on sale. Great jacket that I wear all the time. (Not really. I take it off to sleep.) I found that it fits normally, though loose enough to go over a sweater. Got stuck in a rainstorm today and it kept me pretty dry.

Bummer! The Large grey Descent jacket was there, and then it was gone when I went to buy it a moment later. Hey Woot, if anyone cancels their order for the Large Descent in grey, let me know!

We bought a couple last time. Very happy with them, and have had complements on them! Love the zipper pockets to stuff the phone or eye glasses in

whats with the collar?
does it fold down? or is the Nehru look back? (sorry i forget where the H goes- did i get it right?)

How warm and water resistant are they? How warm would they keep you in NYC winter weather (20-40 F)?

Light weight jacket, but fairly wind and water resistant. I’ve worn it in 20-degree Chicago weather with a sweater or 40 degrees without a sweater. But then I like cold weather. It’s not a heavy winter coat.

Bought the grey one. Nice jacket! Excellent shell over a fleece pullover or sweater. Good water resistance in a light rain.

Maybe obvious, but what Is the difference between Ascent and Descent jackets?

eeeep Like a dork, I forgot to read the comments before I bought, and I think I may have ordered a size (or two) too big :frowning: oh well, over sweater will have to do.

I echo these sentiments. I’m a normal-sized man boy, I bought a small KNOWING that I needed to “size down” and it’s still too big for me to wear. At least not in the style I’m accustomed to. Perhaps if it was 1992 and big was in…

Question on sizing. Two posts say they run one size larger, but there are several other posts that say they run true to size.

Which one is it?

I’m 5’10, 185 lbs, athletic build. I’m thinking a large will work (which is my normal size).

Big diff is the shoulders. Some difference in pockets as well.