Fila Men's Active Tees - 10 Colors

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Fila Men’s Active Tees - 10 Colors
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No pockets? No sale!

Big Orange Carrots are in sellout section. Good luck

These look really similar to the ones I’ve bought from woot in the past, only the sleeves look longer and tighter. I don’t want to show off my muscles. I prefer them as concealed weapons. 8)

The word “Active” and I do not get along. Plus, this would show a giant ring around my belly button.

Be watchful of the sizing! If I buy a shirt, sweatshirt, etc, and order my usual size large, regardless of the maker, it will fit fine 90% of the time. However I just bought the FILA hoodie sold on Woot and their large was a smaller large than what I receive from most other makers. I just measured one of my comfortable fitting tees across the back, from shoulder seam to shoulder seam, and it measured 22". According to the specs for these tees, the back width for the large, shoulder to shoulder is 18"! I have to assume when they state, shoulder to shoulder, they are most likely using the measurement from seam to seam. I know they state these are athletic fit, but personally, if I were to order any I would have to guess and order the XL instead of my usual large. And even then, the shoulder to shoulder is only 18¾", but I’ve never ordered a XXL in my life.

These shirts are a must for running. Help to prevent chaffing of the nips. Never realized that was even an issue till one day I was like, oh man that hurts. These shirts do their job.

I bought the Fila jacket last time around

quality is high, sizing, spot on. I know, comparing apples to oranges…they’re different products. Still, no disappointments from me on the Fila products I’ve purchased in the past

If you’re concerned with sizing running small…order some in the next size with your regular size, just to cover your bases. What doesn’t fit will fit someone on your gift list, if you buy apparel for others and give as gifts

Last time someone gave me an apparel gift, it was a Nehru jacket in the 60’s, I loved it=:-)

I agree with you regarding FILA’s quality but after buying two different FILA sweatshirt hoodies, I can’t say their sizing has been spot-on for me. I just wrote earlier in this post about the FILA hoodie I “just” bought from Woot being a “small” large, but I bought a FILA Competition Hoodie early this month from Woot and it was a “roomy” large. I think FILA’s quality is consistently good but my experience with their sizing has been somewhat erratic.

I have three Fila shirts that I bought last year. Love the shirts; uber comfortable, price was great, great for work-outs, kicking around in. I wear an XXL (6’1 and 230) and the fit is perfect. The question is do I pop (need) for a few more…

How can you get different colors if you order more than 1 shirt??

Just add one to your cart, go back, and add another. It’s not like the old days, there’s a shopping cart now.

I would have to try them on first.

I come to Woot for crazy good deals I can only get from Woot. Not prices at or above what I can find at Ross.

I found the inspiration for the shirt colors:

I would buy some of these if I understood what they were really measuring. When I measure similar style shirts I have, I run into the same issues as willyone. They don’t seem to make sense.

I no longer want these shirts thanks to that visual…

Just wondering if these have any upf protection? Can’t see a rating anywhere.

These are great for Tennis game. No chaffing which is a big issue if very active in cotton