Fila Men's Athletic Shorts - 21 Options!

**Item: **Fila Men’s Athletic Shorts - 21 Options!
Price: $9.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Anyone know if these have any chance of fitting women decently? Women’s athletic shorts are cut funny.

4 styles, limit 3? I don’t like.

Edit/added: I had to figure out how to eliminate. I started by throwing out all black versions since I have enough black already. Then I gave up all with any red. Then I gave up on any solid color shorts since my blacks are solid. In the end I was able to choose three from what remained, a white, a grey, and a blue.

I do not come here for choice. I come here for freedom from choice. Just say NO to a million options!

So, is it possible to get a weight to size ratio on these shorts?

I’m looking to lose weight and do some training over the summer and I don’t want to get something too small or too large.

My son loves the FILA athletic pants that I bought on here. They look great, are comfortable and appear to be of high quality, if that helps anyone Re: the FILA brand.

We don’t have that info. We put all the size info we have in the Specs. Plus, people wear weight differently.

If you have some shorts like this, measure the waist and go by that.

Just for you, we raised the max limit to 5. Go forth and buy ALL the shorts… up to 5.

There’s no mix and match option? I have to get 5 of one color?!

snaps fingers

Shucks, was hoping to pick up a pair. I’ll have to peruse my closet and see if I can find a rough equivalent to guess from.

Yeah, was just looking at that myself. It lets me add two different pairs to my cart, but when I go to the checkout, it just shows that I have two of the same.

You can mix-and-match.

Choose a size & color & quantity.
Add to Cart
Choose a size & color & quantity
Add to Cart
Choose a size & color & quantity
Add to Cart

You get the idea.

Give it another go and make sure you change the style/color. Our drop downs don’t reset after you add to cart.

It worked for me.

I bet they would be comfortable but not optimal :slight_smile: They give good measurements though to compare to your other stuff if you have other mens shorts?

Does any of these have built in underwear? Apparently people don’t like it when you run w/o it, and who wants to get drenched in your own cotton loincloth when the short is a non-obsorbing material.

Ah, I must’ve done something stupid. That makes sense.

Does that limit mean 5 per item or 5 total? i.e. you can buy 5 of every 21 options? of only 5/21 short options?

Five total.