Fila Men's Leverage Athletic Shoes

**Item: **Fila Men’s Leverage Athletic Shoes
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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More pics on the Product Page, which has these for over 3x the price

These are sooo WHITE! I will get these filthy immediately if I was to purchase them.

I believe that may play into the definition of the word “lortunity”. A fear of immediate ruination upon removal from packaging.

Anyone know if these start to smell because they are made from man made uppers???

What is the policy on fit/comfort and returns on shoes?

Not even leather? Pass.

People still buy white shoes?

The last pair of white shoes were scuffed and stained just by me looking at them dirty.

For those that don’t like white shoes, can we have pre-stained and scuffed shoes? To go along with prewashed jeans and distressed furniture.

It’s not Labor Day - yet.

I see there’s an $8 restocking fee if these don’t fit - anyone know if they run true to size? I assume they’re all D(M)… Sigh…

I need a new outfit. When are you selling the matching Dad Jeans™, tube socks, and golf shirt?

never any wide sizes… why do I bother looking?

I’ve got a pair of these and really like them. Lightest shoe I’ve ever owned.
Not sure how they’d hold up in aggresive athletic situations like basketball or tennis. But for clean, casual look these are a winner. Btw, mine have some wear on them and still look fine. They just arent as bright as brand new - which aint a bad thing :slight_smile:

Thanks for your description. Best coming from someone who owns them. We ordered 2. For $20 each so what if they get a bit dirty. Wipe them clean

Thanks again for taking the time to post about your experience…

Wow! Ugliest. Shoes. Ever.

Those things wouldn’t even fit in at Del Boca Vista (phase 1, 2 or 3)!

River deep, mountain high, never ever any wide.

typically, we only accept returns for items that are defective or broken. that is the official answer.
if you ordered shoes from us, however, it would be good to contact and let them know what happened.

to avoid any fit-related woes, it’s important to know your foot measurements & read as many reviews as you can find. with any luck, we’ll get some contributions from our keen community members that will help.

Do those come in men’s?

Wait, what? They are? Oof.

To Current Owners: Any input on arch support or lack thereof?