Fila Men's Performance Hoody - 4 Styles

**Item: **Fila Men’s Performance Hoody - 4 Styles
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Just what I need right now at a great price! May need to purchase 2 or 3 or 4.

Perfect camouflage for those neon forests!

Are these called a “hoody” or a “hoodie”? never know with these newer terms, I always call them sweatshirts.

If only these were made from velour and came with matching pants…

Can anyone who owns one of these hoodies comment on how water-repellent this sweater is.

The Features say all the styles have “top entry cell pocket” except the “Old School” which has “side entry cell pocket”. From the pictures they all look like top entry.

Can someone who owns this style please comment?

in for 2!

The degrees of water resiliency go like this:

Water Resistant
Water Repellent

This fabric is water repellent, which means water will bead up on the garment and keep you dry. After extended exposure to water you can get wet, though, so they are not waterproof like a raincoat.

Are you going from point A to point B and it starts raining? No problem. Do you plan on being a deckhand on an Alaskan crab boat? Problem.

first time i got charged for tax after ordering from Woot. never had tax charged to any of my Woot order before. Will this be a new thing for California residents?

[MOD: Effective September 15, 2012, Woot, Inc. was required to begin collecting sales tax on orders shipped to destinations in California.]

Are these baggy or fitted? I prefer more fitted.

Does anybody know how thick/warm these are. It doesn’t list a weight of the fabric. I’m guessing thinner because of the “performance” title which implies jogging/sports/etc.

No. It means you can add items to your cart from all the different woots, then checkout and get 5 dollar shipping on your entire order. If you make separate orders on the different woots, you’ll pay 5 dollars per order.

Great price I purchased 2. Cant go wrong for the money. last a couple of years Ill be really happy with them.

So um…do these hoodies come with hoods?

Just what kind of performance are we talking about

I’m in the market for some exercise gear now that the weather is turning cold, but I’ve never tried on Fila before. Any advice on whether it runs large or small? I like to have a little room, but I don’t want to be swimming in it if I order a size up in XL.

How do I know which hoodie is which? I want to get the one that has the smaller Fila logo, not the one that has it hugely splashed across the front. Which is performance and which is competition?

How do you tell which style is which? I want to order the green style :slight_smile: