Fila Men's Performance Hoody - 4 Styles

If you go to the sale’s detail page, there’s a bazillion photos to scroll through in the photo gallery. Each is labeled with the style and color.

Thank you for making me laugh out loud this morning! Hysterical!

Hey all, there are threads in World of Woot to discuss shipping such as this one that introduced the shopping cart.. I’ve deleted those posts.

Please focus your discussions on the FILA hoodies in this thread.


UPDATE: If you’re new to woot or haven’t been back for a while, click on the link above to learn about our shopping cart. You can load up your cart with all the stuff you want and ship it all for $5. This lets us save money by combining items that ship from the same location and we can pass those savings on to you.

How are these sized - loose or fitted?

Just so you know, the iPhone app does not give information about which is which. I had to go onto a desktop to see that. Something you should be aware of.

[MOD: I see that the captions are missing. I’ll report that for a feature improvement. Thanks!]

Utah, get me two!

I ordered three. Christmas is coming.

This is real important! It says hoody but on the pics for the full zip competition hoody it not clear that there is really a hood. Is there???

anyone know how these fit? Im in between a medium and large on most hoodies…help please!The size chart seems to be exaggerated…I have a large Nike front zip hoodie that is not even close to the smallest size FILA according to the chart???

haha, ur old.

You missed one:

Water Resistant
Water Repellent
Tighter than a seal’s ass

First you have to find “sales detail page”. Can’t find it and by time I do it will be sold out !?.

This page.

However, as someone pointed out earlier, it looks like the captions identifying the style/color are not showing on mobile devices.

Will these hoodies keep you warm in during the winter?

These are amazingly water repellent!My son has a couple already and has wore them while jogging in the rain, he says his t shirt always stays dry underneath. They are the great!

Touchy touchy
We never focused on the item being sold before, is that a new Woot policy too? I actually found it helpful. Woot should post that there is a new shipping policy.

[MOD: The shopping cart when live in April and there was a blog and a lot of discussion about it at that time.]

Yes, there are hoods. Very nice, lined hoods at that. I’m not a mathematician, but if we put in pictures of every hood, I think there would be, like, 1000 photos.

Does anyone have any idea how these hoodies fit ? Are they on the large side or are they on the smaller side ? Or do they fit just right …

All the cool colors are gone - YO FLORIDA and TEXAS: stay offf mah turf ya’ll don’t need hoodies!

Warmer than two rats in a wool sock.

Okay, seriously, yes, they’ll keep you warm. Is it a jacket? No. But it will perform like you’d expect a hoody(ie) to perform with respect to warmth.